The Most Natural Way To Do Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows frame your face, so you want them to suit your face and look good.

Think of it like this, you can have the most beautiful canvas with a beautiful picture, but then you add a bad frame and it ruins the picture.

1. Prep your brows
Start by prepping your brows. Clean them with soap and water, then pluck any unwanted hair. Brush with a spoolie* (similar to a mascara wand). Generally, your brow should start above your tear duct, the arch should start at the edge of your cornea and the tail of your brow should end at the end of the eye. Diagram below


2. Fill in your brows

The best way to fill in your brows is to use powder** or a pencil***. I think they are equally as easy, but my go to is a pencil.

Method 1: powder. You’ll need an angled brush**** like what you’d use for eyeliner. I also recommend using two color powder, especially if your brows are sparse. It will create a more realistic look. Dip your brush in your powder, and softly make feathery strokes in your brows. Focus the lightest amount of powder on the start of the brow and most amount in the tail. If you are using two colors, fill them in with your darker color until they are 70% filled into your desired thickness. Then fill in the remaining amount with your lighter color. Set with a gel, if desired*****.

Method two: pencil. The best kind of pencil to go with is the waxy, gel kind. It gives an easier application with more pigmentation. Also, it’s best to get one with a spoolie at the end. If it’s your first time using a pencil, test it on your hand so you can see the pressure you’ll need to use. Using feather like strokes, softly fill in your eyebrows.

Goof proof tips: to soften your brows, use a spoolie and brush the product more into your brows. It will soften the color.

If in-between two shades, go for the darker one.
Here are two before and after pictures of both techniques, on different size brows.


The top two pictures are with the powder technique (no gel) and the bottom two are with the pencil technique (with gel).

If you want a lower maintenance routine, try microblading or tinting your brows.

* I recommend this spoolie by e.l.f.. Link: Link

** I recommend Wet N Wild Universal Stencil Kit (I used the taupe and medium brown shadows). Link

*** I recommend Maybelline Brow Precise Micro Eyebrow Pencil (I used shade deep brown). Link

**** I recommend this Classic Angled Liner Brush Synthetic brush by Coastal Scents. Link

***** I recommend Benefit Gimme Brow (I used shade 3). Link


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