5 Makeup Tips

Hey! These are some of the 5 best tips I’ve learned.

1. Fuller hair with eye shadow.

This is an easy, fool proof technical to conceal roots, gray hair or thinning.

Start by getting an eye shadow (matte) similar to your roots or overall hair. Get a blending brush (I like number 7 from this set), apply the eye shadow lightly to start. It’s important to go lightly to begin because it’s easier to add color than take away color. Once you have the desired coverage, spray with hair spray (optional, but recommend for longevity).

2. Remove stubborn mascara.

Get two cotton swabs, dip them in eye makeup remover. Place one on top of your eyelash, one on the bottom. Very gently rub the two together. This will start to remove the mascara.

3. Eye primer to prevent oiliness.

If you have an oily T-zone, this will really help you out.

Start with a clean nose. Apply toner, let it dry. Use a small amount of eye primer and blend it in with a blending brush. Set it with a small amount of loose setting powder. Then apply your makeup as usual.

4. Apply concealer (under eye) only where you need it.

Today, a lot of people like to get a liquidy concealer and apply it in a large V, to bring light to the center of the face. But concealer has the most effect when applied to the darkness and the darkness only. When you apply it everywhere, it cancels itself out, so by applying it only on the darkness, it has the maximum effect. Using a thick concealer is best for this technique, as it has the most pigment. If you are having trouble finding where to correct, look down into a mirror and the darkness will pop out.

If you don’t have a thick concealer, apply your concealer where needed and wait 20 seconds to blend, then set.
5. Cosmetic wedge for sharper edges.

Sharper wings and cleaner eye shadow applications are really popular. Instead of using tape (which typically isn’t safe) try using a cosmetic wedge. Hold the rectangular part to the skin, adjusting to where you want the wing or clean edge to be.

 Disclaimer: I am a QC Makeup Academy affiliate, which means if you enroll through the website link or banner i’ve provided I will receive commission. I did not become an affiliate for money, I became one because I love the school. Feel free to not use the link if you have a problem with affiliation 🙂

QC Makeup Academy

Makeup Artist School Online

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