Sephora Mini Haul

Hi, guys! Today I’m showing you what I got at Sephora as well as reviewing the products!

I purchased Benefit Cosmetics – Beauty Stowaways Influencer Must-have Set and I was so surprised when I saw it in-store because on it’s listed as “online only”! Anyway, the kit is basically 5 best sellers by Benefit. It includes Gimme Brow in 3 (mini), Roller Lash Mascara in black (mini), Precisely, My Brow Pencil in 3 (fun size), POREfessional Face Primer (mini) and Hoola Matte Bronzer (mini). I’m really happy that I got it because I’ve had my eye on it for a long time. I’ve tried and loved both Gimme Brow (my go to brow gel) and POREfessional. I really like the brow pencil, it leaves a great finish. 3 is a little light for me but it is blendable and looks completely natural. The only “con” about it is that it doesn’t have a spoolie on the “fun size” and that’s just personal preference. The bronzer is really nice! I did notice it fades quite a bit after a few minutes of application but then stays pretty consistent throughout the day. Lastly, the mascara is really nice! I don’t love it, I probably won’t buy it but that is just because I have unrealistic expectations for my mascaras because of the amazingness that is tarte Lights Camera Lashes. If you are in the market for a new mascara you should try it! Once again it is very nice, just not as good as my holy grail. Also, it’s an amazing price! If bought individually it would be $61 but it retails for $32.

I also purchased Kat Von D – Lock-It Mini Baking Duo in Light 7. Which includes Lock-It Setting Powder and Lock-It Concealer Crème. Also, huge bonus received a sample of her new perfumes! While I was browsing skin care, my mom found this and I’m so glad she did! I’ve had my eye on the powder for awhile because it’s mica based instead of talc (mica is hydrating, talc is mattifying). I’ve also heard many good things about the concealer and missed out on it in this months Sephora Play! box. The concealer is good for “no-makeup” makeup days, quite thick and medium coverage. I used a bit of pink corrector and it became full coverage. One thing about the concealer i as a few minutes after applying and before setting, it “caked” into any fine lines. The powder is very good for under the eyes and any fine lines! If you have oily skin this wouldn’t be good for setting all of your makeup. It would be good for dry skin, setting all makeup. The kit is priced at $23, if purchased individually it would be $41.

Lastly, I got 3 samples from Ren’s EverCalm line. When I had a custom makeover the artist used EverCalm Serum on me and I loved it, all redness went away. So I got a sample of the serum, cleanser (soo good) and mask (amazing!). I’ll definitely be buying them soon. You should try these out if you have sensitive or redness prone skin.

All together it came to the total of $55 (tax not included), I got $20 off thanks to an Ibotta gift card! Which if you’re looking for a way to earn money I really recommend trying it out! You get cash back by sending in reciepts and get your money via gift cards. They have a big selection of gift cards, Sephora, iTunes, Walmart, and Starbucks included! If you want to try Ibotta, you can use my referral code: pvmrkmk and you will receive a $10 welcome bonus! You can also click here to use the code.

Look using all the products:

Disclaimer: The Ibotta code is an affiliate link/code, meaning I will get a small commission if you decide to use my link/code.

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