September Favorites 2017 + Makeup Breakup

Hi, guys!Last month I did “Makeup Soulmate” however lately I feel like I’ll be having more than one favorite in a month so just wanted to do this type of post monthly from now on. I will be doing “Makeup Breakup”s still. These also will probably expand outside the category of makeup!


Urban Decay – All Nighter Setting Spray. I’ve had this spray for a few months and have loved it but this month it has been life-saving. I’ve been working outdoors in extreme heat so I sweat. After about 4 sprays my makeup stays on all day and doesn’t melt, move or anything until I want it to come off.

Rimmel London – Stay Matte in 004 Sandstorm. I recently picked this up and was so excited to try it because it has been raved about and considered a must-have for years. Surprisingly I haven’t tried this before.

I love it. The other day my foundation just went on weird and patchy so I applied this on top and it turned my foundation into something amazing. It added more coverage, did add longevity to my foundation and locked everything in. If you haven’t tried this yet, you really should.

Coty – Airspun Loose Powder in Translucent. I picked this up because I read it was better than Laura Mercier’s which is one of my favorite powders. I just really like this powder and think it’s a must-have for loose powder. It keeps my under eyes from creasing and my favorite thing about this powder is that it keeps foundation from falling into lines/creases throughout the day. Two things I don’t love about this powder is the smell and the powder puff it comes with. The smell just reminds me of grandmas (not a bad thing) and I personally don’t like it. It was a lot more “potent” upon first opening the powder and the smell will wear off a few minutes after applying. The powder puff isn’t the typical puff you receive, it just seems like cotton more than a “pad”. There’s nothing wrong with that, once again just personal preference.

Wet N Wild – Contour Palette in Dulce De Leche. Another item I’ve recently picked up. I had been looking for a contour powder for awhile now and found a gem in this one! I think it works really flattering on my skin tone, isn’t too cool but definitely is a contour shade. The formula is very blendable, buildable and pigmented. I occasionally use the highlighting shade to “clean up” under my cheek contour or to highlight my brow bone. The only negative thing about the palette is there is a lot of kickback in the pan, not a huge problem but a small flaw.

Ulta – Butter Balm Lip Gloss in Belle.

I’ve mentioned this a few times on my blog but I think it deserves to be a monthly favorite. Belle makes a great topper for any lipstick or to wear on its own. It has a great -non-sticky- formula and lasts longer than most lip glosses. I think this product is way underrated and even if you don’t like lip glosses, you’ll like this.

Ciaté London – Liquid Velvet™ – Moisturizing Matte Liquid Lipstick in Diva.

Funny story, I spent weeks thinking this color was called “DNA”.

I love this stuff. Firstly, it has an amazing color. In the tube, Diva looks like a pinky red but it wears as a true red. It has a great applicator. The formula is a-ma-zing. Lasts all day. I wore this in extreme heat, ate two meals and it stayed on perfectly. You should pick a color and try this out because it is amazing, one of the best I’ve tried. Now, the one complaint I have about this is it is not moisturizing. Velvety, yes. Moisturizing, no. You’ll need to exfoliate after wearing this twice.


Maurices – hoop earring trio in silvertone. I recently picked up these at Maurcies and have worn them every day since! Extremely comfy and I’m a sucker for hoops.

Maurices – slim cat eye sunglasses in orange. I also got these cat eye sunglasses. I love the style and color, they are really comfy too!


Red (Deluxe Edition) – Taylor Swift

Probably my favorite album that she has done so far and since she has recently added her music to streaming services I’ve really been enjoying the album again. Favourites include I Almost Do, The Moment I Knew and Begin Again. I can’t wait for her next album!

Gaga: Five Foot Two

This recently launched onto Netflix and it is an excellent documentary. I typically don’t like documentaries, I think they can be a bit boring. This was anything other than boring. Five Foot Two is self-described as introducing “the woman behind the performer, the costumes, the glitz and the glamour.” I really enjoyed it and have developed a lot of respect for her since watching this. Rather or not you’re a fan of Gaga, I highly suggest checking it out.

Last but not least….

Makeup Breakup:

L’Oreal – Infallible Total Cover.

I purchased this because NikkieTutorials have raved about mixing Total Cover with Pro Glow, both from the Infallible line. I have been wanting to test out a new foundation for a while and because of Nikkie’s love for it and my love for Pro Matte, I decided to purchase it. I don’t know if I got a dud or what but this is pretty much the worst foundation I’ve ever tried.

I had swatched this onto my hand and noticed it didn’t really “set” itself. At one point about 20 minutes after applying, I noticed it came off if I touched it. Typically with Pro Matte, it always stays in place and I never need to set it with powder because it “sets” itself. I just thought that was kind of weird and thought I could easily fix it by setting with powder or a setting spray. I also noticed on my hand that if I would rub the foundation at all (blending etc) with my fingers it would kind of ball up. After that, I still thought I could make it work and it would perform differently on my face.


I have oily/combo skin meaning my t-zone (specifically nose) is oily and the rest of my face is typically normal or a bit dry. I also have sensitive skin that loves to be red but I never have problems with breaking out when trying new products or anything like that.

I first applied my moisturizer, which was a new one. I let it set for the regular amount of time I would before proceeding with my makeup. Then I applied Becca’s Backlight Filter Primer. I love that stuff. Despite having oilyish skin it always looks lovely and just gives some sort of extra pizzazz to my makeup.

Then I applied the foundation. Application at first was a-okay, it felt like a moose going on the skin, air-light but kind of still heavy. The more I worked it in with my cosmetic sponge (beauty blender “dupe”, always works for me.) it just got drier and drier. Let me remind you, I previously moisturized and have on a dewy primer. I blended some more, I think I even dampened my sponge more and added more product to try to bring it back. This just turned into some sort of dry, patchy mess. I’ll insert a picture below so you can see what I mean. Note: This picture was taken a few minutes after applying foundation. The different shades of blush/different applications were intentional, it was for a school project.

So I figured “wow, what a bad foundation day” and just figured I’d try it again with a flat top foundation brush or a different primer. Shortly after, I was washing my face and felt a ton of bumps on my skin, some of my cheeks. I never break out from trying new products.

Anyway, long horror story short, I definitely broke out because of this product. I returned this product a few days later. I don’t know if I got a dud or what but the foundation wrecked my skin for a few days and just didn’t work for me. Also, it really wasn’t full coverage.

What are your favorites this month? What are you breaking up with?

Note: Certain products I love, certain products I hate. Things I love might not work for you and things I hate may be your holy grail. Please do not take any my opinions personal and be aware that things that work for me may not work for you, vice versa.

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