Beauty Basics 102: Halo Eye

Hi, guys! How are you all today? It’s day 2 of my Halloween special and I wanted to do a Beauty Basics. For anyone new to my blog or unfamiliar with Beauty Basics, it’s a new series where I explain and simplify beauty basics. You can check out my first post, Beauty Basics 101: Draping Blush here.

For this installment of the series I want to tackle halo eyes. I love halo eyes. I’ve done a few tutorials on them, which you can check out by clicking on the title below.

Tutorial: Purple and Orange Halo Eye

Tutorial: Gray Glitter Halo Eye

Tutorial: Pink Halo Eyes

and my personal favorite, Collab/Tutorial: Olivia Culpo Golden Globes 2017

Up until a few months ago I wasn’t really familiar with the halo eye look let alone how to get it. I stumbled upon this video on Sephora’s YouTube, How To Create a Halo Eye | Sephora, and really fell in love with the halo eye. Since then I’ve done about 10 halo eyes on myself and a handful on others.

So, what is a halo eye?

A halo eye is an eyeshadow application using two or more shades, the darkest color on the outer and inner corner and the lightest color on the middle of the lid. It gives the appearance of rounder eyes.

Who can do it?

Anyone can do it. They look amazing on everyone! The only true exception is close-set eyes, but even then it can be achieved.

But what if I have close-set eyes?

Apply the lightest side in the middle of the eye, typically the you apply the lightest shade just in the very middle, thinly like a highlight (see below).


With close-set eyes, apply the highlight wider.

Awesome! Now how can I do it?

Here is a very simple tutorial on how to do the halo eye. All products used and extra tips will be listed at the end of this post! I also recommendchecking out my other tutoirals, they may be helpful as well.

Step one: Start with priming your eyes. Apply a translucent color to help with blending.

Step two. Pick your color palette. I like doing complementary colors (ex: green, red. yellow, purple.).

Note, photo is from HGTV. Link:

You can also just do similar colors but one in matte and one in a glitter. Whatever floats your boat. For the sake of this tutorial, let’s do one in a burnt orange and mustard yellow.

Step three: Blend a transition color in the crease. This can be a darker color than burnt orange or a shade that you would use to contour/bronze.

Step four: Apply the burnt orange in the inner corner and outer corner.

Step five: Apply concealer to the middle of the lid, where you want the lightest color. This will help with pigmentation.

Step six: Apply the mustard yellow to the middle of the lid. I like to look forward and place the color on my lid where my iris naturally falls.

Step seven: Apply concealer to the under eye area. Now apply the burnt orange to the inner and outer corner on the lower lash line. Apply the mustard yellow in the middle. It’s very important they match up with the lid.

Step eight. Apply a highlight to the inner corner in brow bone. Add mascara and winged liner if desired. Finish your makeup.

Here’s what the finished look will look like:


Apply your eye makeup before foundation to avoid any fall out.

Apply the colors slightly above the crease to make your eye lid space look bigger.

Stick with colors that have a lot of difference in tone or finish for the best look.


What do you guys think of halo eyes? What should be the next installment of Beauty Basics?

Products used:

Primer: Urban Decay – Optical Illusion Complexion Primer.

Foundation: L’Oréal – Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation in 101 and 103.

Concealer: Kat Von D – Lock-It Concealer Crème in L9.

Powder: Rimmel London – Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 004 Sandstorm.

Setting Powder: Kat Von D – Lock-It Setting Powder in Translucent.

Setting Spray: Urban Decay – All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray.

Bronzer: Benefit Cosmetics – Hoola Matte Bronzer.

Contour: Wet N Wild – MegaGlo Contouring Palette in Dulce De Leche.

Highlighter: Makeup Revolution – Soph Highlighter Palette I used the gold shade.

Eye primer: L’Oréal – Infallible Pro Glow Concealer in 01 Classic Ivory.

To set eyelid: Rimmel London – Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 004 Sandstorm.

Crease eye shadow: Candle from Makeup Revolution – Ultra Eyeshadow Palette Flawless 4.

Burnt orange eye shadow: Hair Down from Makeup Revolution – Ultra Eyeshadow Palette Flawless 4.

Yellow: Coastal Scents – Hot Pot – Midas Gold.

Shimmery yellow to highlight brow bone, inner corner, and middle of the lid. Use a light hand: Muted from Makeup Revolution – Ultra Eyeshadow Palette Flawless 4.

Eyebrows: NYX – Micro Brow in Brunette mixed with Benefit Cosmetics – Precisely, My Brow Pencil Ultra Fine Shape & Define in 3, Benefit Cosmetics – Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel in 3 to set.

Mascara: tarte – Lights, Camera, Lashes™ 4-in-1 Mascara.

Lipstick: CLINIQUE – Almost Lipstick in Black Honey.

Disclaimer: The picture of the color wheel is not mine, it is from this HGTV article:

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