What’s in my Purse?

Hi, guys! How are you doing today? I’ve been seeing the What’s in my Purse/bag/wallet/etc tag going around a LOT lately and I always love reading them, so I thought hey, why not do one? Let me know what you guys think!

My purse:

It’s technically a backpack but I consider it a purse. I got this bag for Christmas last year! It’s a black leather with gold finishes. It looks a bit small but oh my gosh, you can fit so much in here! You get a zipper pocket and two regular pockets inside. There’s a smaller zippered pouch on the outside that I currently don’t have anything in but I do put my phone in there from time to time.

I also have two key chains that I bought from Target. One is a gold E, for Emily. The other one is bedazzled red lips and I love it so much! It also has a red tassel on the side.

This exact purse is no longer sold but I got it at Target and I’ve seen VERY similar styles if you are interested. I also saw this one online the other day, it’s almost an exact match!

Zipper pocket:

In this pocket the things are a bit random. I have my headphones, a key chain with a few keys, reward cards, finger nail clippers, and a key chain with my name I bought at Crown Center and a Minnie Mouse mirror I got from Sephora a year or two ago.


I feel so awesome when I pull this out to touch up my makeup!

Unzipped pockets:

In one pocket I have this brush holder from Coastal Scents. I actually just keep a few pens and business cards in here, it’s so handy. In the other pocket I have some facial tissues, eyeglass cleaning cloth, and a few makeup removing wipes. These are so handy to keep around!

Makeup bags:

Me being me, I have two makeup bags in my purse. One was a free gift from tarte that says “I wake up for makeup”, the other is from a contest I won with my school, it’s a simple light pink, glittery bag.

Benefit bag:

Love, love, love this bag. It looks so small but it fits so much. I have 8 perfume minis, including two favorites, Black Opium and Fresh. I also have a pack of gum, not really sure why because I don’t like gum haha. I have two lipstick, a red cream from Sephora and Birthday Suit from tarte. These are both minis so they are perfect for travel. I have not one, not two, but three blushes. Why? Addiction. I am addicted to makeup. I have a blush from Wet N Wild, St Lucia from e.l.f. which is a blusher and bronzer duo, and a cream from Doll 10 that I can use for lipstick too! I think I have so many blushes in here because they are so universal, you can use them on your face, lips, and eyes. I also have a deluxe sample of All Nighter by Urban Decay, to freshen up my makeup if needed.

tarte bag:

I have a few hair pins and pony tails, an eyeglass screwdriver because I know if I put it anywhere else I’ll lose it and need it the next day. I also have hydro-cortisone cream (once again if I remove it I know I’ll lose it and need it), a ton of mints and cough drops, two travel perfumes, liners and a double-sided brush from Doll 10. I have 3 L’oreal Pro Matte Gloss lipsticks, one of them is 318 which is one of my holy grail nudes. If you haven’t tried these lipsticks I highly recommend them, they are really nice! Lastly I have some powder from Ready To Wear. This powder is 3 years old, I never use it to touch up, but I always keep it because it smells like home.

Wallet, etc.:

I always keep deodorant in my purse because I am slightly paranoid of leaving the house and forgetting to put on deodorant. I got this for free when it first came out, I used it the other day and it has the weirdest but coolest texture! Like half gel half solid.

On the more normal side of things, I have my coin purse and wallet. The coin purse was a gift, I believe it was bought on Amazon. It’s the perfect size and I love it! I bought my wallet from Kohl’s, it was normally around $30 and I got it for around $12! It has a lot of pockets for my ID, school ID, cards of all kinds and a few pictures. It also has a zipper on the back but I think it’s too small so I don’t use it. It has RFID protection which is a perk.

That’s it in my purse! I hope you guys enjoyed this, let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this.

What’s in your purse? Have you done a tag like this? Let me know, I’ll check it out!

Featured image designed using Canva.

12 thoughts on “What’s in my Purse?

    1. Thank you! I’d love to see you do one πŸ™‚ I’m a makeup bag hoarder! I got a vaule set from QVC with Doll 10, I really liked it! I’d pass on the foundation, but I liked the concealer, blush, lipstick, lipgloss πŸ™‚

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  1. I have literally the same purse or very close to it. (It’s black with gold too)!πŸ™‚ anyway, loved everything you carry with you. I feel like I definitely need to incorporate some of the things you have in my bag. Cute post xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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