Ways to Save Money this Holiday Season

Hi, guys! Black Friday is coming up pretty quick, I’m addicted to good deals, so I wanted to share are a few extra ways to save this Holiday (or any) season!


Ebates is an amazing service that gives you cash back on online (and sometimes in-store) purchases. All you need to do is make a purchase on any of your favorite sites they offer cash back on (Sephora, Target, Amazon, QVC, or Ulta for example) and you will receive a certain percentage of cash back! The percentage varies by website, and they change constantly. They also group together sales and special offers so you can see them and not miss out on any deals! They are offering many Black Friday deals, coupons etc. Sephora is currently 8%, Ulta is 6%, just to mention a few. To view, all Black Friday deals visit: https://www.ebates.com/black-friday

One of the best things about Ebates is you get your cash back via check, four times a year. I think they may have a Paypal option too! I’ve used this site for a year or two, I don’t make online purchases that often BUT I’ve earned over $100 so far!

Referral link*:https://www.ebates.com/r/EMMERS131?eeid=29041


What are your plans for Black Friday? What tips do you have for saving money?


Ibotta is an amazing app for groceries. They have expanded a bit to non-grocery/grocery store items but the best offers are undoubtedly for that. They offer cash back on specific everyday household items and sometimes on any item from a certain category.  They also give some cash back on total orders from certain places, like Ebates. Some of the best deals they have right now are $0.25 back on carrots/pretzels/cranberry juice/any item from any brand, $1.00 back on 2 purchases of any Eggo products, $0.75 back on Smartwater, just to name a few. I get groceries every week and get anywhere from $0.25-$5.00 cash back. Another thing to love is they offer cash back redemptions in gift cards (plus PayPal and venmo)! Gift cards offered include Amazon, Walmart, Uber, iTunes, Kohl’s, Target and Sephora! I’ve used it for a year or so and have gotten $70.32 cash back!

Referral link*:https://ibotta.com/r/pvmrkmk

Referral code*: pvmrkmk


Coupon Cabin:

Honestly, the best app/website listed. Coupon Cabin offers cashback, exclusive deals, AND free samples. I’ve basically most of the coupons, deals, free samples, ads, etc all on one website PLUS cash back. Like all of these mentioned, it’s completely free to use. They trace your purchases through the app/website and cash back is added to your account in a few days. They have member only deals which are so good. For example, today in a few hours they are doing $150 cash back on $150 for Amazon for the first 10 people to claim it! SO GOOD and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! I recommend this the most out of all the websites on this list. They also do cash back via gift cards. An amazing offer is that with certain gift cards, Amazon, for example, they add extra cash back! Now through the Holidays when you redeem cashback via an Amazon gift card you get 20% more cash back. I’ve used it for a few months and have gotten $20 so far!

Website: https://www.couponcabin.com/


BeFrugal is a lot like Ebates, they do occasionally have a better cash back rate. They offer the cash back on Amazon gift cards and via PayPal! I just wanted to mention this one so people can have options.

Referal link*: https://www.befrugal.com/referral/?ref=BFUKRLI

Website: https://www.befrugal.com/


This app is amazing for anyone with some extra time. Shopkick is an app where in certain stores you can scan items and get points. Those points turn into money for gift cards, etc! I used to use it way more and I kind of miss it. It is a bit time consuming and if you dislike walking, it’s not for you but it’s so worth it! It’s a great way to get extra steps in, too. Some of the rewards include gift cards ranging $2-$50. You can also donate your earned money to places like Feeding America and American Red Cross. I’ve used it for a year or two off and on, I’ve gotten about $30 in redeemable points.

Code*: DEAL595182

Link to download*: https://getsk.co/deal595182


RetailMeNot offers a lot of coupons and cashback. I personally prefer Coupon Cabin and Ebates for cash back but this is the bomb dot com for coupons!

Website: https://www.retailmenot.com/

Disclaimer: All links marked with * are affiliate referral links/codes, meaning if you sign up via those links/codes I will receive a commission. Some of these (like Shopkick) mean you’ll get bonus cash back too!

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