Blogmas: 6 Ways to Recover from the Holiday Hangover

Hi, guys! I hope you all are doing well. It is officially Christmas Eve Eve or as some may call it, Festivus. 😉


With Christmas being just two days away, I think everyone is feeling a bit of what I call the “holiday hangover”. Worrying about if you have enough gifts, if everything will be delivered on time, traveling, finances, family matters and who knows what else. The holidays can be stressful because of those things. Here are some perfect ways to relax, let everything go, and enjoy the holiday season.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are so relaxing, they smell great and who doesn’t love to watch them? If baths aren’t your thing, try a shower while listening to music or a luxury body wash.

A few recommendations, all from Lush Shoot For The Stars, Twilight, and perfect for Christmas, Snow Fairy.

Face Masks

Face masks are always relaxing and great for your skin. Try a face mask targeting dehydration since at this time of year tends to leave your skin dry.

Recommendation, these come in many variations: Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask Sheet, 16 Combo Pack

Watch Your Favorite Shows

Whether it’s a favorite show or favorite Christmas movie, this is sure to give you a break from your holiday hangover. Fix a snack, hot chocolate and sit back to watch some TV.

If you are looking for something to watch, check out my recent post Blogmas: 18 Shows to Binge + 6 Movies!


Meditation really helps with any anxiety or stress you may be having. I meditate every day and it has really helped since I started. You can meditate anywhere, it’s free, and maybe the most helpful on this list.

Whether it’s to meditate or just for relaxing background noise, I highly recommend Meditation Minis, you can listen to Spotify or iTunes.

Get Crafty

This activity is great for the whole family and/or friends. Crafts help with anxiety, stress and you can help others. If you live in the United States, I can’t recommend sending cards to Cards for Hospitalized Kids enough. They are based in Chicago and you make cards for kids who are ill. I think they really help and cheer up the kids. If you live internationally I would recommend looking into local hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

Adult Coloring Books can also be fun and therapeutic.


Pick up a good book and read. Catch up on other blogs. I personally love a good People Magazine, but whatever floats your boat!

After doing one of these, I am sure you will feel more relaxed, get your groove on and be ready to paaaaaaaaaaaaaty!



How do you relax at the holidays?


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