December Favorites 2017 + Makeup Breakup

Hi, guys! I hope you all are well. December completely flew by and I have no idea where it went! I’m sad that Christmas is over but I am excited about 2018. There are so many products I fell in love with this month and I can’t wait to share them with you! Also, I’d really appreciate if you’d leave a comment about anything you would like to see on my blog in 2018! Without further ado, here are my favorites for this month.



SEPHORA COLLECTION – V for V.O.L.U.M.E. Mascara in Blue

I love this mascara so, so much. It is beautifully pigmented while providing awesome curl, length, and volume. It’s not too wet, meaning it won’t lay down your lashes and has never transferred to the under eyes. I received this as a Christmas gift and haven’t been wearing black mascara since! This mascara is just lovely and I’ve never come across a mascara so blue, the pictures honestly don’t do justice to what they are in person.


They offer three other shades, Turquoise, Purple, and Marsala. I’ve tried Marsala before and I like it a lot but it doesn’t pack as much of a punch as this one does. Overall, I can’t recommend this enough.

Used in: Makeup Tutorial: Bold New Years Eve Look

Kat Von D – Lock-It Setting Powder in Translucent


This powder is so nice. It blurs, perfects, sets, and has no flashback. It really does lock everything into place and it just sets the makeup so well. It is a bit heavy so a little goes a long way but overall it’s a lovely powder and I have been loving using it lately.

Kat Von D – Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita

So excited about this lipstick! It was an early Christmas gift and I have worn it with almost every makeup look since. The formula is AMAZING. It stays on forever and the color is so beautifully pigmented. It goes on amazing, it’s not streaky at all… It’s a nude but like a ‘cool’ nude, ya know? I just love it.







In my opinion, Blenderelle is a must-have for anyone who uses a damp sponge. This neat little contraption keeps your sponges clean, mold free and lets them dry.  I’ve often just placed a wet sponge in a Ziploc bag and left it open enough to (I thought) let it dry. Anyway, I’ve lost more than one sponge that way and they can be expensive to replace. This is so cute to put on a vanity because of it’s tulip design.

This is around $14.00 USD but I’ve seen a pop-up when you first go to their website offering “20% off your Blenderelle” when you enter your email address (assuming this is a mailing list). They also have free shipping to the USA!

Note: I won this in a giveaway, that does not affect my opinion of this product.

Real Techniques – Bright Eye Set and Filtered Face Set

I love these brushes so much. They are amazing. I bought the Filtered Face Set from Ulta on sale and loved it so much I had to pick up the Bright Eye Set. These brushes are so nice and they are so high quality. I love the sponges especially the Miracle Complexion Sponge and Miracle Mini Eraser Sponge. I’ve recently ‘decluttered’ my brush collection and every single brush is still in my collection. The handles are so pretty too! I can’t recommend these enough, some of their holiday sets are on sale for 30% off, on their website.


two brushes, one from each set. Deluxe Crease Brush and Contour Brush


Essence – Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara in 02 Browny Brows

This brow gel is so nice. It keeps all the hair in place, adds volume and gives them a lovely tint. I bought this because Gimme Brow by Benefit was being voluntarily recalled and everyone recommended this to me as a dupe. I was going to do a blog like “Battle of the Brows: Make Me Brow vs Gimme Brow” but they are so similar there was almost no point in doing it. This brow gel is awesome and I recommend it to anyone looking for one.


BH Cosmetics – Zodiac – 25 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette

The palette is shimmer shadow perfection. I just can’t get over how good it is! I recommend reading my review of this and I won’t go into too much detail here but the shimmer shadows are simply amazing, no idea how I lived without it before.

Review: BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette

Pixi® skintreats Glow Tonic

This toner is amazing. I received a sample with an advent calendar, as you can see it has been well used. It leaves the skin so slowly, refreshed and just beautiful. I can’t recommend this enough and as soon as I run out of my current toner I’ll be picking this up!


tarte – Color Splash Lipstick – Rainforest of the Sea™ Collection

I have the color Set Sail and it has become my go-to nude. The formula on these is incredible. It’s matte but not drying. The colors are so richly pigmented. These are also temporarily on sale at Sephora! I highly recommend picking one up.



MAKE UP FOR EVER – Artist Face Color Highlight, Sculpt and Blush Powder in S214 – rosewood blush

I’ve been a bit ‘back and forth’ on this blush but I love it. I feel like this particular shade is a bit too rose at first but it simmers down a bit. It really adjusts to your skin tone and looks so flattering! Overall these wear well on the skin and leaves a beautiful finish. I currently have a sample but I’m sure I buy a full size when it runs low.

Serious Skincare – Dry Lo Spot Treatment Acne Medication

This is such a good spot treatment. It is extremely effective and I use it almost every night. I can’t recommend this enough if you have acne!

Note: I won this in a giveaway, that does not affect my opinion of this product.


Makeup Breakup(s):


I can’t believe the number of makeup breakups this month! Since starting it I’ve never had more then one let alone four.

Revlon – Super Lustrous Lipstick in 041 Gold Goddess

This color is horrendous. I have never seen a color so awful. You swatch it and it’s like ‘eh… it’s okay. I’ll give it a go. I can use it to highlight the center of the lips…?’ then you put it on and it’s just horrible. This is streaky, patchy, and the color is HORRIBLE. I received this in a free gift bag and it feels like they gave me the ‘runt’. It’s a Fan Fave on but this truly sucks.


Benefit Cosmetics – Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara

This is a cult favorite and I’m so disappointed that it isn’t working for me. First time I tried it, didn’t like it. Tried it again and I loved it. Tried it again and it looked horrible. Tried it again and it looked like the best mascara I’ve ever seen. The last time I tried it looked like I had about 4 lashes and I’m just so annoyed that it is this inconsistent. I have no idea whats up. I have better mascaras that are consistent so I’m just going to donate the wand and call it a day.


L’Oréal – Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation

I want to love it, I kind of hate it. I hauled this once and liked it but I’ve used it a few more times and I am over it. It makes my skin feel so oily and it looks so shimmery on the skin. It’s prone to creasing, I feel like it emphasizes texture. I remember the last time I wore this as being one of the worst makeup days every because of how shiny it looked. I’ve tried mixing this with the Pro Matte version and that doesn’t work either. I’m over trying to make this work. Pro Matte is amazing though and one of my favorite items from the drugstore.



I used to like this but then I tried the RT Mini Eraser. The RT sponge is so much better. Beautyblenders is hard to hold onto, it’s too small, I feel like it takes longer to blend when using it and I feel like it takes away coverage. RT’s is the complete opposite. It is the perfect size! I could use it for foundation even. It gets into the inner corner but blends a larger spot at the same time. It doesn’t take away coverage and it is just perfect. So pass on the and go for the Mini Eraser.


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  1. I really need to get my hands on one of the KVD liquid lipsticks! They look so nice! Also, yesss I love the Essence Make me Brow too! Happy New Years Emily!

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