My Essential Brush Collection 2018

Hi, guys! Today I want to show you all the brushes I use anytime I do my makeup. I always love reading makeup collections and I wanted to do one for my brushes!  I love these brushes, I recommend them to anyone, so I hope these helps anyone looking for new brushes.

My case:

Travelmall Professional Cosmetic Case

image source:

Please note this image belongs to the image source. It is not my picture or my brushes.

I purchased this case a few months ago and I absolutely adore it. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a place to store their brushes. As you can see, it holds a lot of brushes. You could even store makeup in here!

Inside the case:


Left side:

I keep the biggest of my face brushes on this side. It also has a zipper compartment that a keep a few things in.


The brushes:


From left to right:

Sonia Kashuk® – Pleated Pink Powder Brush – This was from a brush set I picked up a few months ago, unfortunately, that set is no longer available. She has single brushes that are lovely, they don’t offer one similar to this, at least that I’ve seen. This brush is unlike any other brush I’ve ever owned or seen. It is huge! This applies powder perfectly, I love it.

Real Techniques – Buffing Brush from Filtered Face Set – This holiday set has sold out but I believe they offer this brush as a single, or a brush similar. I always use a sponge for my makeup so I haven’t had a chance to use this for foundation, but I do like it to help blend down the neck.

It Cosmetics – Heavenly Luxe Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush #6 – Absolutely love this brush. I got it a few years ago when QVC was having a special value – It Cosmetics’ powder foundation and this brush. It was an amazing deal, I think it was around $50 USD and this brush by itself retails for $48.00 USD (jaw drop). I think this brush is so expensive but SO worth it. I rarely use a brush for foundation but when I do, it’s this guy. I used it for years before even trying a sponge and loved it. If you like flat top brushes, I really can’t recommend this enough, it’s just so good.

Real Techniques – Stippling Brush from Filtered Face Set – This was in a holiday set that sold out but they do offer a stippling brush on their website. I’ve never used this brush but I keep it in here because it’s so, so pretty! Also, I’d like to try it out soon.


In the pocket:


Real Techniques – Pencil Sharpener from Bright Eye Set – This is from a holiday set that sold out however it is offered in the Eye Smudge + Diffuse set. I really like this sharpener, it’s easy to clean and of course very effective. I keep it in here because it’s so small and works well.

Mini Tweezers – This is a set Sephora sold years ago. I keep my regular tweezers with my skin care but sometimes I’ll have a stray hair and this does the trick. P.S. who knew they made tweezers so small?!

“Face Exfoliator – I bought this at the dollar store, it was sold as a face exfoliator but I picked it up because I thought it would be great for washing brushes. It is!

Benefit Cosmetics – Mini Hoola Brush – I’ll use this brush time to time for bronzing but I mostly keep it in my case as a “just in case” item.

Middle pocket:

I love this pocket so much. It adds a ton more space and it would be amazing for anyone with a small collection of makeup to hold a palette, foundation, etc. It’s also detachable, which is pretty cool if I say so myself.


Pinkiou – Makeup Remover Cleaner Armband – This was a gift so I’m not sure if it is by this brand but it’s just about the same thing. I love it – it’s so compact to store but you can put it on your wrist for easy brush cleaning. I may or may not get another one to do a picture of the cuff Wonder Woman pose…. 😉

image source:

The brushes:


Tarte Double Sided brushes – These were in a limited edition holiday set in 2016 and I just love them. One brush has an angled flat top foundation brush and the other side is a domed foundation brush. I love the domed foundation for color correcting and sometimes use it for primer. The other brush I have has a blush brush and a highlighting brush. This brush is my holy grail for highlight – I refuse to use anything else. I dip the smallest side (highlighting brush side) into the powder and apply it to my face. Then, using the blush brush side I blend in the highlighter. It just looks amazing! I wish these were still being sold but I do recommend trying tarte’s brushes out if you can, every one I’ve tried has been great.

Real Technique Sponges – I have the Mini Eraser Sponge (x2, purple), one Miracle Sculpting Sponge (pink), and the oh so lovely Miracle Complexion Sponge (orange, pictured in Blenderelle below). I love the Mini Eraser and Miracle Complexion sponge, I use them anytime I do my makeup. They are just perfect and so affordable.

*FAKE* Blush Brush – This is a dupe for the Real Technique’s blush brush. It was $2 and I love it. I want to purchase the original soon since I love RT, Sam, and Nic but this brush is really, really amazing and I love it for blush. It used to be my go-to for contouring/bronzing too.

Kat Von D Powder Puff Mini – This came in the mini of Lock-It Loose Powder and I love this as much as I love the powder. Presses powder into the skin wonderfully.

Blenderelle in Black – Love, love, love! This is amazing. I really think every makeup lover needs at least one. I always store my RT sponge in here and it dries perfectly. This also comes in rose gold. I don’t keep this in my brush case but I wanted to mention it.

When I visited their website they displayed having a sale (not sure how long it lasts) where if you enter promo code NY20 you get 20% off, making it $11.20 USD, plus they offer free shipping to the US! This is also sold on Amazon. I also checked and it looks like it’s sold on Amazon UK for £12.00.

I am not affiliated just love this product and company.



Right side:

The right side has all of my eye brushes and some face brushes. I keep all of the eye brushes in the front and the face brushes in the back compartment. Due to the number of brushes, I’m listing them by brand.


Real Techniques:


From left to right:

Real Techniques – Square Detailer Brush from Bright Eye Set – Set has sold out, but this can be purchased in the Eye Detail + Define set. This brush is amazing. I don’t have a ton of space on my lid, they are a bit hooded, when I wear eyeliner on my lid it usually closes my eyes up a bit and tends to transfer to the upper lid. But this brush applies it so thinly and precisely, it’s amazing!

Real Techniques – Lip Brush from Filtered Face Set – Set has sold out, but this can be purchased individually. I have most of my lipstick “depotted” so I use this often and love it!

Real Techniques – Shading Brush from Filtered Face Set – Set has sold out, but this can be purchased individually. This brush really packs on pigment and applies product evenly.

Real Techniques – Brow Highlighting Brush from Bright Eye Set – Set has sold out, but this can be purchased in the Brow Set. This brush is so good! I don’t highlight my brows that often but this is perfect for it and makes me want to highlight them all the time. This is also similar to the shading brush. I used it the other day for packing on eyeshadow and it worked great.

Real Techniques – Base Shadow Brush from Bright Eye Set – Set has sold out, but this can be purchased in the Eye Shade + Blend set. Lovely for eyeshadow on the lid!


Real Techniques – Domed Shadow Brush from Filtered Face Set – Set has sold out, I couldn’t find it as a single or in a set on the RT website. It’s like a cross between Base Shadow Brush and the Deluxe Crease Brush

Real Techniques – Deluxe Crease Brush from Bright Eye SetSet has sold out, but this can be purchased in the Eye Shade + Blend set. I love, love this brush. It works amazingly in the crease and I use it almost every day.

Real Techniques – Duo-Fiber Eye Brush from Filtered Face SetSet has sold out, I couldn’t find it as a single or in a set on the RT website. I really don’t love this brush. It’s good for applying loose powder to the eyelid or setting undereye concealer, but otherwise.

Real Techniques – Setting Brush from Filtered Face Set – Set has sold out, but this can be purchased individually. I love this brush so much. It is amazing for setting the face with loose powder etc.

Real Techniques – Contour Brush from Filtered Face Set – Set has sold out, but they have a new mini contour brush out and the one in the Fresh Face Favorites set. I actually prefer this for blush. It’s lovely for blush. It’s good for contour and bronzer too but I just prefer a different brush for that.


These brushes are no longer sold however you may be able to find similar ones online.

Double ended brush, lip/concealer brush, and an undereye buffing brush.

Double ended brush, crease blending brush, and a domed eyeshadow brush.

Blush brush. This brush is amazing! Really wish they still sold it.



These are actually the first brushes I ever bought! They are in amazing condition for being bought years ago. I still love them. Of course, no longer sold. They are all double ended. One is an angled liner brush, it had an eyebrow brush but… it’s seen better days haha. Another is a pointed detail brush with a flat concealer brush on the end. Last is a fluffy eyeshadow brush with a blending brush.


Sonia Kashuk, e.l.f. cosmetics, Urban Decay and Wet N Wild:

Sonia Kashuk® – Pleated Pink Blush BrushLOVE this brush so much! It is perfect for contour, bronzer, and blush. It lays product on the skin amazingly and just looks so good.


Sonia Kashuk – Knock Out Beauty Pencil Brush – This is good for smoking out the lower lash liner or adding smokiness to the upper lash liner.

Wet N Wild – Shadow Brush – This is great for blending in the crease or applying eyeshadow to the lid.

Urban Decay – Smokey Eye Shadow Brush – I just recently received the Naked Smokey palette so I’m still testing this brush out. It is a blending brush on one side, smudge/pencil brush on the other.

e.l.f. Cosmetics – Smudge Brush – This is awesome for blending on the lash lines and such a good price!

e.l.f. Cosmetics – Eyelash & Brow Wand – Everyone needs a spoolie, and this one is amazing.


Do you use any of these brushes/ brands? What is your favorite brand of brushes?

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  1. Those real technique brushes look so lovely! I’ve recently just got two new eye shadow brushed from the bold metal collection. I haven’t tried them out yet but I’m so excited to!

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