5 Must-Have Real Techniques Brushes


Hi, guys! I hope you all are doing well today and had a great weekend. Today, I’m going to talk about a few of my favorite Real Techniques brushes. I consider all of these brushes must-haves and I thought you guys would enjoy this post. If you know me, you know I love Real Techniques brushes. I think they are amazing and they take up about 80% of my brush collection. I use these in my personal and pro kit. They are so affordable and the quality is amazing.

Sorry, these brushes aren’t clean but I use them so much it’s actually difficult to keep them clean, haha.

You can buy these brushes at Target, Ulta, Amazon, Walmart and on their website, just to name a few. Prices do vary, they do frequently go on sale. I typically buy them from Amazon.

I am in no way affiliated with Real Techniques. If you click on the name of the brush, you will be redirected to the Real Techniques website. The price reflects the Real Techniques website at the time of this post. 


Setting Brush, $8.00 USD


The Setting Brush is simply amazing. If I could only have one face/base brush, this would be it. This brush is great for (obviously) setting but it does so much more. Foundation, blush, bronzer, contour, highlighter, primer, you name it. Plus, it’s the perfect size to pop in your purse for touch-ups on the go. If you try one brush from this list, it should be this.

Eye Shade + Blend Set, $8.99 USD


This set contains two brushes – the base shadow brush and the deluxe crease brush.

I love these eyeshadow brushes, without a doubt they are my most used eye brushes. How much do I love them? I have 3 base shadow brushes and 7 deluxe crease brushes. That’s a lot of love. I think this set is great for anyone rather they are a beginner or a pro. The base shadow brush is good for applying a lid/base shade (shocker) but I actually love it for blending the crease. The deluxe crease brush, of course, is good for the crease but I like it best for concealer. This set is a great introduction to the brand.

Miracle Complexion Sponge™, $6.00 USD


This sponge is one of Real Techniques best selling, hyped products and for good reason. It’s amazing. The sponge is so soft, easy to use, it does not absorb too much product, does not leave any marks and it effortlessly blends. This sponge is just awesome and it is so affordable! As with any cosmetic sponge, this does need to be replaced every three months.

Stored in Blenderelle.


Powder Brush, $10.00 USD


I have tried many, many powder brushes in my makeup loving years but this has definitely been my favorite. It’s full but not too full and dense but not too dense. This brush is perfect for powder (of course) but I love it for bronzer and blush. It’s the only brush I’ve used for bronzer and brush since I bought the brush. It gives a beautiful diffused, airbrush finish.



Those are my 5 must-haves! Have you tried any Real Techniques brushes? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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18 thoughts on “5 Must-Have Real Techniques Brushes

  1. Totally agree with your choices and I would add the face brush. Amazing when I’m too lazy to go downstairs and dampen my beauty blender lol

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  2. Love my RT brushes, I recently fall back in love with the sponge, I love it way more than the Beauty Blender! I think I’m missing the setting brush but I really want to pick it up, I use the blush brush everyday for m bronzer but to be honest I got two Zoeva’s kits last year so I mostly use brushes from them

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