Makeup Tutorial: Easy, Everyday Eyes #1

Hi, guys! Welcome to today’s post. Today, as you can tell from the title, is a tutorial for really simple eye makeup. It’s different than the typical day to day look but still really easy to do. Step one: Prime your eyes with a matte shadow stick slightly darker than your skin tone. Blend on the lid and just above the crease. Step two: Apply … Continue reading Makeup Tutorial: Easy, Everyday Eyes #1

Makeup – Save or Splurge? Part One

Hi, guys! In 2018 we have so, so many options. Walk into any store and there are hundreds of lip shades, 40+ shades of foundation for just one brand, mascara that can curl, add volume, add length, different colors… We have so many options from so many price ranges. It can be confusing what to go with, especially if you’re a beginner. To try to … Continue reading Makeup – Save or Splurge? Part One

Blogmas Tutorial: Classy Christmas

Hi, guys! Welcome back to Blogmas and if you are new here, hi! For today’s Blogmas, I’m doing a tutorial on a very simple, classy Christmas look. This would be great for Christmas Eve/Day or a party. This look is all about glowing, healthy skin and a bold red lip. Step one: Apply an eye primer or concealer to your lid, blend up to brow … Continue reading Blogmas Tutorial: Classy Christmas