Trying New Products: Profusion Cosmetics – Royals 10 Shade Eyeshadow Palette

Hi, guys and welcome to the blog! I hope you all are well today and have enjoyed the weekend. A few days ago I went to Target and of course, had to stop by the makeup section. On an end cap, I saw a new brand at Target, called Profusion Cosmetics. I haven’t heard a ton about Profusion with the exception of Tati Westbrook. She has done several YouTube videos using these products and has said many good things about the brand, so when I saw their products at Target, I knew I had to get at least one thing. I bought the Royals Eyeshadow Palette.

Buy at Profusion: Profusion Cosmetics – Royals Palette, $5.00 USD

Buy at Target: Profusion Cosmetics – 10 Shade Eyeshadow Palette, $4.99 USD

From Profusion Cosmetics:

A collection of richly pigmented and multi-finish eyeshadows that are ideal for all skin tones. These versatile shades blend seamlessly onto the skin and allow you to create looks from soft and natural to colorful and bold. The possibilities are endless!

Royals – Rich, vibrant hues and pops of primary colors including deep jewel tones.

First, I was really shocked at the brands pricing. The most expensive thing I saw was $9.99 USD for a HUGE eye and face palette, with a couple brushes. Plus, everything was on sale. The Royals palette normally retails at Target for $4.99 USD, but I paid $3.49 USD (I’m still amazed). Most of their products were eyeshadow palettes but they did have some brushes, face palettes, and lipsticks.  The Royals palette ‘spoke to me’ the most because I think the shades are very beautiful. It offers ‘safe’ colors such as brown, warm tones but also colorful, bold shadows such as a vibrant navy and gold. Altogether, it seems like the best of both worlds and something that would be way more than just another eyeshadow palette. Here are two pictures of the eyeshadows and swatches.



Pretty awesome, right? Again, I am still shocked by the price! I’ve swatched a few of the shades and they all seem very creamy and pigmented. The first two shades I swatched were Enigma (vibrant navy) and Zenith (gold). They are two huge reasons why I bought the palette. Enigma isn’t blue and it isn’t navy, it’s a wonderful vibrant color in between. Colors like this, from the drugstore or higher end, are usually quite dull. You’ll see in my eyelook how vibrant it is. Zenith is a beautiful, pigmented gold. Golds from the drugstore or higher end are typically good and very pretty. This exceeds any expectations and is incredibly pigmented, which you will see in my eye look. Anyway, enough of me swooning over this eyeshadow palette, this is the eye look I created.


emilyburnsmuaprofusioncosmeticsnavygold (1)

emilyburnsmuaprofusioncosmeticsnavygold (2)

emilyburnsmuaprofusioncosmeticsnavygold (3)

emilyburnsmuaprofusioncosmeticsnavygold (4)

Products Used:

Primer: Laura Mercier – Caviar Stick Eye Shadow in Au Naturel (nude).

Eyeshadows: Cryptic (warm taupe), Enigma (vibrant navy), Zenith (gold) from Profusion Cosmetics – Royal Eyeshadow Palette

Eyebrows: Wet N Wild – Ultimate Brow Retractable in Ash Brown and Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Gel in Clear.

Mascara: Marc Jacobs Beauty – Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara.

My first impressions are that the shades I used are pretty amazing. Enigma is one of the best navies I’ve tried. I did have a bit of trouble blending it, but not nearly as much as I’ve had with other navies. Zenith was applied using my finger and it came out very pigmented and eye-catching. Cryptic is warmer than what I would usually use for a crease/transition shade but worked well fine for this look and was very easy to blend.

I’m really excited to play with it some more, review it for you guys, and try more from the brand. What shades would you like me to use? Any request for looks? Have you tried anything from Profusion Cosmetics?

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19 thoughts on “Trying New Products: Profusion Cosmetics – Royals 10 Shade Eyeshadow Palette

  1. That navy comes across really emerald to my eye, maybe because it is next to the green shimmer. But I think it looks gorgeous!!! I was like wow where is that emerald shade from I NEED it!!

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