My Essential Brush Collection 2018

Hi, guys!¬†Today I want to show you all the brushes I use anytime I do my makeup. I always love reading makeup collections and I wanted to do one for my brushes!¬† I love these brushes, I recommend them to anyone, so I hope these helps anyone looking for new brushes. My case: Travelmall Professional Cosmetic Case Please note this image belongs to the image … Continue reading My Essential Brush Collection 2018

What’s in my Purse?

Hi, guys! How are you doing today? I’ve been seeing the What’s in my Purse/bag/wallet/etc tag going around a LOT lately and I always love reading them, so I thought hey, why not do one? Let me know what you guys think! My purse: It’s technically a backpack but I consider it a purse. I got this bag for Christmas last year! It’s a black … Continue reading What’s in my Purse?